The experience of Jelena Ucović

Sometimes good people don't know how to do good things: having good intentions is not enough. Pragma also holds onto knowledge: it works on its competences, does not exclude anyone, and tries to connect with kindness. Informed, modern, rooted in good tradition. Keep it up, we need you!

Jelena Ucović


The experience of Vesna Toplak

To do and to act, to promote and to provide support is not only the core of the Pragma name. With your consistent advocacy and activities for the equal rights of every child, every young person, the unemployed, the poor, the neglected and the most vulnerable in our community, you show that together we can really initiate positive changes. For these reasons, we have been successfully cooperating for years in developing and promoting the social and emotional skills of our young students from all over Croatia, future midwives. Thank you that I can be a part of your efforts, here and now, thank you for your effort, availability and authenticity.

Vesna Toplak

prof. pedagogy

The experience of Tamara Kvas

Pragma's dedicated, productive and professional employees are always pleasant and valuable to work with. A team of experts with rich work experience that you always want close to you.

Tamara Kvas

M.Sc. comm.

The experience of Roberta Brusić

When I think about Pragma, how I see it, how I recognize what its experts do, the following associations come to mind: enthusiasm, hope, joy, optimism, courage, tolerance, non-judgment, openness, vigilance, and a lot of humor in all of that!

Roberta Brusić

social pedagogue

The experience of Ivana Sučić

Without any doubt, I claim that following Pragma's work for many years has become a lifelong learning and self-improvement for me personally and professionally. The amount of knowledge, experience and innovation that they as an association show in their work with users and collaborators is a value that is immeasurable and much needed by this society in order to develop in the right direction.

Ivana Sučić

Graduated journalist

The experience of Maja Škifić

It always surprises me with what level of enthusiasm the Pragma association approaches the creation of new professional content with the aim of providing the highest quality help and support to others! Selflessly shares acquired knowledge and skills, and the only drawback is that they do not have a branch in Dalmatia.

Maja Škifić

B.Sc. soc. worker

The experience of Mila Špinderk

The Pragma association is an exceptional association, full of knowledge, enthusiasm and great motivation to help both its users and us experts who deal with the mental health of individuals and society as a whole. They are always ready for help and support and what, unfortunately, is rarely encountered today in cross-sector cooperation, they are available for real cooperation in the implementation of their numerous, extremely stimulating and courageous programs... Let's go Pragma!

Mila Špinderk

professor of psychology

The experience of Marijana Filipić

"Pragmas" entered my life many years ago due to a combination of circumstances. But it quickly became clear that, like everything else in life, it happened for a reason. Being a member of Pragma and having the privilege to work with great people who are daily upgrading their knowledge and developing new services created for users is a great gift for the community and for me personally.

Marijana Filipić

director of branch associations

The experience of Anny Brusić

My experience of cooperation with Pragma is very positive; Pragma implements a set of activities related to engaged social and social topics, often in key areas, where such institutional, state activities are lacking. Pragma deals with young people as well as other segments of society, often defending and advocating the interests of social groups that need social recognition and care. Thanks to the choice of care for these groups in society and the social topics it follows, Pragma is responsible for the promotion of current social topics and values.

Anny Brusić

Director of HUP - Association of Small and Medium Enterprises