Pragma is an association founded on June 2, 2006 in Zagreb. The objectives of the Association's work are the promotion, improvement and development of democratic political culture, protection of human rights, international development cooperation in the field of education and poverty reduction, upbringing and education and the publication of scientific and professional publications, social activity through social assistance and support and the provision of social services and protection mental health and addiction prevention.

Pragma implements projects and programs that are of interest for the common good in the Republic of Croatia.

Vision: Pragma strives to achieve a society of social justice and equal opportunities in which individuals, families and communities work collaboratively.

Mission: By empowering, providing integrated social services, education, advocacy and research, promote, develop and improve the social protection of citizens and establish cooperation with organizations so that they become more accessible and better meet the demands of citizens.

You can find all news and activities carried out in Pragma on the official website