Pragma's small TEAM consists of a social worker, a social pedagogue and two psychologists. When we are not at the Counseling Center, we conduct workshops and trainings, engage in research in the field of mental health, write professional articles and papers, read and study a lot, but also - hang out.

Nedjeljko Marković

B.Sc. social worker


President of the Croatian network against poverty aimed at advocating for vulnerable groups and the Pragma association whose goal is the development of democratic political culture, education, social work and mental health protection. Since 2008, he has been an external associate at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, Study Center for Social Work. He is the author and co-author of publications for children and young people and experts, and as a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Social Activities, he promotes social topics among his colleagues.

He believes that education is the best way for social inclusion and the fight against poverty. In his free time, he looks for ways to bring the feeling of watching and listening to sea waves closer to the Zagreb neighborhoods where he drinks coffee, and with the right books he looks for answers to eternal (unanswered) questions: who I am and where I'm going.

Jelena Adamlje

Master of social pedagogy


Since 2011, she has been employed at Pragma as the head of the Youth Counseling Center. He likes working at Pragma because of the freedom, creativity in approach and the breadth and interest of the topics that Pragma deals with in helping and educating children, young people, parents, the community and professionals. In addition to her studies, she completed the Professional Development Program in Pedagogy of Community and the Agazzi Method at the Faculty of Teachers and a master's degree in Foundations and perspectives of the culture of unity, philosophical and theological major at the Sophia University Institute (Loppiano, Italy). He is about to finish his education in the psychotherapy field of group analysis at the Institute for Group Analysis Zagreb.

He sees lifelong education as constantly stepping out of one's own comfort zone, investing in personal and professional development, which prevents the stagnation of our thoughts and character. She is a native of Istria, so hills, the sea and ancient towns, filled with a timeless dimension, are her favorite travel destinations in her free time. In addition, she is currently immersed in searching for good children's literature and discovering small everyday things that make children and adults happy.

Marija Granić

Master of Psychology

Head of program development at Pragma, where she deals with the promotion, improvement and protection of human rights, upbringing and education, mental health protection and addiction prevention, as well as individual psychological counseling of young people, parents and adults. Since 2017, he has been dealing with psychological topics on the Get Healthy portal, and since 2021 he has been teaching psychological subjects at the Master's Institution. She is the author and co-author of a publication for children, young people and experts. She completed the initial level of Transactional Analysis and the first level of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy. She is a trained musician, plays piano and guitar, dances standard and Latin American dances, enjoys photography, long walks, good books, sunny coffees and gigs by the sea.

Mirjana Soljačić

Master of Psychology

She joined Pragma's team at the beginning of 2022. Her areas of interest are child, developmental and health psychology, and through the completed student internship at SUVAG Polyclinic, she gained numerous experiences precisely in the combination of those three directions. The creation of the diploma thesis encouraged further work in science. Through many years of volunteering as a swimming coach, she gained valuable experience in working with children and young people.

At Pragma, she mostly works with young people, in the form of workshops, educations or psychological counseling, which fulfills her, but also encourages her to further professional development. She is the co-author of a publication for children, young people and experts. In his free time, he sings and plays the piano for his soul, and if he is not in Zagreb, he looks at the Hvar Canal, from which he draws strength and gets inspiration.