Counseling is a form of psychosocial support for an individual. It is not about psychotherapy, but about a shorter process that is mostly related to a specific problem or current life obstacle that a person is facing. Counseling can be conducted individually or in groups, depending on the readiness and wishes of the individual. Before entering the counseling process, an initial interview is conducted in which potential problems and work goals are defined, as well as the rules, responsibilities and duties of the counseling user and the counselor. Counseling lasts 45-60 minutes, and is usually held once a week.

The counseling center of the Pragma association is run by experts (social pedagogy, psychology, social work) with many years of experience, and is intended for young people (14-30 years old), parents or family members who face the challenge of growing up children and adolescents. The manager of the Counseling Center is Jelena Adamlje, M.Sc. of social pedagogy and group analyst, Marija Granić, mag. of psychology and Mirjana Soljačić, mag. psychology.

Within Pragma's counseling center, it is possible to conduct individual psychological counseling and group psychotherapy. Participation in the services of the Counseling Center is voluntary, and the services of individual counseling and group psychotherapy are free of charge, if they are services for which payment is ensured through competent state or city bodies (project financing). The written consent of parents/guardians is required for the inclusion of minors. Arrival at the Counseling Center is arranged in advance, by phone or by e-mail.