Although we still live in a world where seeking psychosocial support is a taboo topic, we strive to break such prejudices and offer the highest quality, safest and most discreet support possible to those who seek and need help, and are afraid of judgment from the environment.

After extremely difficult life circumstances in recent years, even during the current crisis, many users contact us with various life problems. The accelerated and stressful pace in which we live creates fertile ground for the development of numerous psychological problems, and if you do not react in time, the consequences can be much more severe.

You can come to counseling if you have:

  • learning difficulties, lack of motivation for school duties
  • inability to adopt working habits, experience of burnout syndrome
  • weak social and communication skills, problems establishing and maintaining close relationships
  • problems with self-image and self-confidence, difficulties in eating habits
  • traumatic experiences, experience of loss and suffering, difficulties in the grieving process
  • problems in partner and parental relationships
  • difficulties in establishing rules and parental authority, issues surrounding the upbringing and education of children
  • difficulties with adaptation to changed living conditions (frequent difficulties with adaptation to life circumstances during the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic)
  • depressed moods, anxiety, facing fears, emotional instability
  • problems of time organization
  • problems with various addictions and engaging in risky behaviors
  • work with young people who are at risk of leaving school prematurely and dropping out of the education system (on the recommendation of expert associates of partner and cooperating schools and student dormitories).

It is not easy to decide on counseling. The first step is the most difficult, and sometimes it takes a long time for a person to decide to work on himself. It is important to be aware of the problem and accept the fact that counseling is a process and that things are not solved overnight. When you start working on yourself, you will realize how much we tend to suppress emotions and sweep problems under the carpet. If you have any fears or doubts about entering the counseling process, contact us with confidence and ask a question via the contact form.