Children and young people use digital technologies to meet socio-emotional and communication needs, as well as for learning and entertainment. In addition to the numerous positive aspects of the use of technology, such as establishing and maintaining social relationships, the negative consequences of excessive use of the Internet and digital devices, the appearance of "digital depression" and other problems with mental and physical health, as well as the abuse of children and young people in the online space, are increasingly appearing. 

Faced with these challenges, Pragma decided, on the occasion of the start of the new school year 2023/2024. , to organize a free and interactive online education on Thursday, August 31, 2023 from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., which will focus on digital addictions and dangers in virtual space that can hinder the healthy socio-emotional development of children and young people. Through education, we will introduce participants to addictions to, for example, new technologies, smartphones, social networks and the Internet, as well as the dangers of abuse of children and young people in virtual space, and the meeting is intended for parents and experts in educational, social and other institutions and organizations that work with children and young people. The keynote speakers are representatives of Pragma, the Society for Communication and Media Culture, the Association of Juvenile Judges, family judges and experts for children and youth, as well as external lecturers. Applications at:

Prijava za edukaciju 31.8.2023. od 17,30 do 20 sati.
Pragma will not issue individual (individual) certificates of participation, but will issue a "certificate of held education" which will be available at, and the participants themselves will fill out the certificate with personal data and proof of participation (e.g. recording screen, etc.) and submit them to the competent chambers for scoring. Education is carried out within the "Pomak" program. Program activities are implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Health. The content of the training is the sole responsibility of Pragma and under no circumstances can it be considered as a reflection of the position of the Ministry of Health. Partners in the Program are the Association for Communication and Media Culture (DKMK) and the Association of Youth Judges, Family Judges and Specialists for Children and Youth (USZM).