Shortly after the establishment of the Network for Social and Emotional Learning, we received the first applications and comments from associates and employees in the field of education who supported this informal initiative of the Pragma association. We are sharing some of the comments to encourage all those who have not yet joined to contact us and fill out the application form.

"I want to join you because I see a space for learning and socializing," emphasizes the new member of the Network for Social and Emotional Learning, and the number of members, physical and legal, of our Network for Social and Emotional Learning continues to grow.

"Apart from the educations that I am interested in, I am interested in whether there will be space for the presentation of our work in schools and a discussion about good, successful projects", adds another member, confirming our initial thesis that experts want their voices to be heard and to be evaluated by colleagues. "I hope that you will not hold everything online in Zagreb", the members point out, reminding that it is necessary to visit smaller places in Croatia as well as to encourage live gatherings, despite all the advantages of the online way of working - above all in lower costs, easier organization and a larger number of participants .

"Don't forget the islands!", adds another potential member, warning of the phenomenon of exclusion of island organizations from terrestrial activities.

The goal of the Network is to connect all those who want to learn, share experience, devote time and attention to their own and others' development - everything that experts in this field are recognized for.